The share transfer to EIT Digital has been finalised!

🖋️ We have finally finalised the share transfer to EIT Digital as per the agreement signed during the XR4A project that led to the creation of MEEVA startup.

💥 For us it was a great pleasure to meet again with Federico Menna who has been supportive on XR4A Project since its conception back in 2021, way before he became EIT Digital’s CEO.

After the formal signature at the notary, we had the chance to grab some time out of Federico’s busy agenda to celebrate together this important step and wish each other Happy Holidays! 🎄🍾

🧐 To know more about which was XR4A’s mission, we invite you to read this article published some time ago on EIT Digital website:

Kudos to Fondazione Bruno Kessler – FBK from which MEEVA got spun off and all XR4A project partners:
Xenia Reply
iED – Institute of Entrepreneurship Development