How it works

Our immersive games are designed to foster social skills in neurodiverse teens while giving them the opportunity to practice self-regulation.

Why applied games in Virtual Reality

MEEVA solution is built by leveraging on the most recent scientific evidences about the advantages of Virtual Reality to practice skills in a nonthreatening, realistic and controllable environment and the beneficial impact of cooperative multi-player games as tools to encourage a sense of belonging while improving cognitive, perceptual and motor functions.

How it works

Schedule a session

A professional schedules a session with up to four participants via a web-
based dashboard

Wear the VR headset

At the established timing, every participant wears his/her VR headset running our app (including the professional)

Let’s start

The session will start and all participants will meet in a shared immersive space through their avatars

Learn by playing

During the session participants will be exposed to a number of challenges they will tackle cooperatively and will help them exercise attention, memory, inhibition skills

Custom experience

During the session, the professional can personalize the immersive experience through a panel-tuning properly: game difficulty levels, music, background noise, non-player characters density, etc


After the session ends, the professional can evaluate progresses and achievements of each participant through the dashboard

Our current adventures

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