Thanks to virtual reality MEEVA strengthen social skills of teens and young adults with special needs

We offer a multiplayer VR serious games platform dedicated to teenagers with neurodevelopmental disorders (autism, ADHD,…). Our technology helps young people to strengthen their sociorelational skills in a controlled, safe and empowering environment.
They will be able to play from anywhere remotely and therefore to have access to therapies regardless of their location. This will also allow Specialized Centres to boost geographical expansion.

Virtual reality has been studied and scientifically proven to be an effective tool for increasing sociorelational skills of adolescents with special needs. MEEVA solution has been developed under scientific supervision and in cooperation with Trento University ODFLab


For therapists. We offer a complementary solution to traditional rehabilitation therapies thanks to structured virtual reality activities. Our technology can be tailored to the specific needs of everyone. Specialized Centers and professionals can use our software both remotely and on site.


For families. Parents of teens and young adults with special needs can have access to the most advanced Specialized Centers from everywhere. Thanks to remote virtual reality activities their need for long and expensive transfers will be considerably reduced.

Our team

Elio Salvadori

Chief Executive Officer

Marco Dianti

Chief Technical Officer

Melanie Cristofolini

Chief Clinical Officer

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