Adventure to Zentastic

Game plot

The year is 2100 and human beings are now able to explore other planets of the Milky Way inhabited by equally advanced civilizations. The climatic changes occurring on Earth threaten its very existence due to the now vast extension of the ozone hole that is putting the world at risk. Luckily, scientists have invented “O-Fix”, an instrument that can rebuild the ozone layer needed to save the Earth. However O-Fix can be built only with a precious material available on Zentastic planet. You have been selected as a team of intrepid space explorers who have been assigned the task of recovering the Zennite material; you will have to face several missions that require the team to overcome numerous challenges and adventures because some planets are very dangerous or because other civilizations are unwilling to help the human race.

Common room

The scene where all players convene at the beginning of a Session and where the therapist will bring all them back after 1 (or more) mini-adventures.

Coin Hunt

Here the players are asked to collect the coins needed to access the next scene.

Space Station

Here the players are asked to reach the counter, respect their turn, buy a ticket and then reach the proper gate to take a spaceship toward Zentastic.

Planet Battle

On Zentastic planet the players are asked to take one laser gun and reach the top of a hill by hitting falling rocks. On top they will unveil the Zennite material.